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Sitaram Tours & Travels

Terms and Conditions

Role of Sitaram Tours and Travels

Limitation Of Liability of Sitaram Tours and Travels

In its role as a technology platform to facilitate transactions between the bus operators and the Users. Under no circumstances can Sitaram Tours and Travels be held liable for failure on part of a service provider to provide the User with a particular Bus, the standard of service or any insufficiency in the services or any other service related issues including, but not limited to the following :

Responsibilities of The Users

Cancellation policy is as follows

Payment for booking and any additional charges

Activities and other services


Role of Sitaram Tours and Travels and limitation of liability

Responsibilities of the users

Payments for bookings, and cancellations

Special offers and coupons

The following terms will additionally apply to any coupon provided by Sitaram Tours and Travels: Sitaram Tours and Travel’s responsibility is limited to sharing the coupon with the User subject to receipt of payment from the User;

User’s responsibility

The bus operator shall solely be liable for the compliance of all laws including but not limited to the Motor Vehicle Act rules, applicable regulations, guidelines or directions enacted or issued by the Central Government or relevant State Governments. Any prosecution arising out of the contravention of such laws, rules, regulations, guidelines including directives on fare control from respective RTO’s or directions including but not limited to fines or penalties shall be borne by the bus operator. The User agrees to take up any grievance resulting from the cancellation or any deficiency in services due to any action of the enforcement agencies arising with the bus operator.